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Forgiveness: A Seven Generals Novella: Autographed

Forgiveness: A Seven Generals Novella: Autographed

Reid was trained to be an obedient tool in war. Now, the Hellion king ordered him to hunt all gatekeepers. These people were born with the power to control a king and their realm. Nobu, the current Hellion king, feared this power. Reid was created to destroy it.
It was a perfect plan . . .

Until her.

Selene had been forever on the run. Born with the blood of a gatekeeper, she contained a power that could make the entire world crumble. She could sway her fated king. Hell feared her, and Heaven agreed to a temporary alliance to maintain control. She had nowhere left to run.

The hunter of the gatekeepers stalked the night. But when she came face-to-face with the nightmare with black wings—he didn’t kill her.

Why was this woman different from all the rest?

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