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The Monster's Daughter: Autographed

The Monster's Daughter: Autographed

This dark contemporary fantasy lives in a world of magik, monsters, and secrets. Lines are drawn, boundaries are tested and the grotesque hold the biggest secret of all. In order to learn the truth about immortality, power, and success; all you have to do is find the woman with the golden hair.


King Ahmed Raemoon thought he knew how to keep the monsters trapped in the darkness. All he had to do was give up all he ever cared for, and for a while, it was working. For so long the gates were closed and the boundary was solid. Until she came through.

A girl.

A small child born of darkness with the likeness of a human. She called to the monsters, the ones who hid deep in the nightmares. She called for them and they answered.

She could not stay.

The longer she stayed in this world, the further that balance was tipped and the precious stability the King fought so hard to achieve would be lost.

As the years continued, the girl turned into a woman. She was now fighting to find her way home. The longer she stayed, the more violence and destruction followed. The darkness was never supposed to come into the light, but it surrounded her. She was the woman who the monsters loved and the humans wanted to destroy.

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