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Book One

In this war, no one is innocent, no one is safe, but one will change everything.

Heaven and Hell’s endless feud traps countless victims within the carnage. The never-ending bloodshed permanently stains the hands of all in existence. Those who don’t choose a side forfeit the right to fight.

Something is happening, a shift that everyone can feel.

It was a balanced fight until seven black-winged individuals appeared from the darkest realms of Hell. The Seven Generals.

They have no purpose aside from committing atrocities in the name of the Hellion king. Each winged beast is obedient, ruthless, and unforgiving . . . until her.

Armed with a secret, she will change the course of this war and finally guarantee a victor.

But can she do it alone?

Even if she can’t fully trust the others, an enemies’ weakness is gained when allies form.

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