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Prequel Novella

Book 0

The hunter of the gatekeepers stalked the night. But when she came face-to-face with the nightmare with black wings—he didn’t kill her.

Why was this woman different from all the rest?


Prequel Novella

Book 0.5

In one week, a curiosity will form a lifelong grudge.

Ash has one week to spy on the Angelic scouting part and report back to his king. But he never expected the Angel to look just like him. 

"Her life was easier when she was naïve to the war around her. She would give anything to be happy once again."


Book 1

Seven black-winged individuals appeared from the darkest realms of hell. They have no purpose aside from committing atrocities in the name of the Hellion king. Each winged beast is obedient, ruthless, and unforgiving...until her.

"When her feet touched the ground, there was no time to breathe. She was ready to fight"


Book 2

For twenty-three years, former Hellion general Vadim has lived in Fae, a grumpy outsider in a creation of peace. His mind cannot stand still while the world heals. When war is all you know, you become lost without it. 

"All they had were two choices in a life with endless possibilities. She hated that her life was already determined before she took her first breath."

Shadow Kiss
Book 3

She is the most beautiful thing Kelby has ever seen. Kelby needs to know more about this woman. . .even if it means being teased and tortured as her prisoner. 

He will be the key to her people's freedom. It doesn't matter that he is attractive. He is the nightmare that plagued this world. 

Everyone hates him.


Book 4

Ezekiel can’t leave Hadwin alone. A Guardian Angel must protect their Assigned. This duty is written in the very stars from which the Guardians are created. It isn’t easy. The general always finds ways to make himself invisible. It has now become a game. If Hadwin is close, Ezekiel can watch over him and protect him from the danger that lingers in the very waves that created this world.

Can Ezekiel and Hadwin survive the storm?

First Immortals

Book 5

It has been a year since the nightmare in the cave, since they stared death in the face and realized they had to let go. All grudges have been set aside, and everyone is trying to move on, including Zuri, a Human with a secret . . .

She and those like her have been struggling to adapt. It was all going fine . . . until she fell head over heels for the general named Qued. Until she got tangled in their mess.

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