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Prequel Novella

Reid was trained to be an obedient tool in war. Now, the Hellion king ordered him to hunt all gatekeepers. These people were born with the power to control a king and their realm. Nobu, the current Hellion king, feared this power. Reid was created to destroy it.
It was a perfect plan . . .

Until her.

Selene had been forever on the run. Born with the blood of a gatekeeper, she contained a power that could make the entire world crumble. She could sway her fated king. Hell feared her, and Heaven agreed to a temporary alliance to maintain control. She had nowhere left to run.

The hunter of the gatekeepers stalked the night. But when she came face-to-face with the nightmare with black wings—he didn’t kill her.

Why was this woman different from all the rest?

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