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Book Two

He’s nothing but trouble mixed with an endless nightmare. She’s not supposed to exist. Together, their
hellfire will save Fae.

For twenty-three years, former Hellion general Vadim has lived in Fae, a grumpy outsider in a creation of
peace. His mind cannot stand still while the world heals. When war is all you know, you become lost
without it.

Dread consumes him . . . until he sees her.

Ime controls the hellfire within. As half-Fae, she only has two choices in life. Be a soldier or take a claim.
But she wants endless possibilities.

Now Fae is in danger. People like Ime are disappearing. Villages and cities are being attacked and
destroyed. Yet the Fae king is ignoring the problem.

Ime’s brilliant green eyes look to Vadim with challenge over fear. A lost man has a choice, one that will
create a ripple in the fragile harmony the world has found. Love makes you take risks that one day could
destroy you.

“No one hurts what is mine.”