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It has been a year since the nightmare in the cave, since they stared death in the face and realized they had to let go. All grudges have been set aside, and everyone is trying to move on, including Zuri, a Human with a secret . . .

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Death is among the villagers of Salem, hiding, watching, and waiting for you to find them.

There are fourteen suspects. The Thompson, Anderson, and Shepard families will be challenged. The girls will be tried and accused. Who will survive and who will accuse? What plagues those who see an unknown evil? Only time will tell.

Fans of murder-mystery dinner parties and Clue will love this gripping Salem Witch Trials-inspired tale.

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Seven Generals Series

  1. Rebellion

  2. Hellfire 

  3. Silence (Prequel Novella)

  4. Forgiveness (Prequel Novella)

  5. Shadow Kiss

  6. Guardian

  7. First Immortals

Where's Death Series

  1. A Drink with Death

  2. A Spell with Death


  1. The Monster's Daughter

Anthology Short Stories

  1. Fan of the End Zone

    (Grid Iron Gates of Hell) 

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